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About Us

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About Trust & Fast Consultancy

We have more than 300 partnered universities globally. We provide student visa assistance for the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SWEDEN, and MALAYSIA. We have ICEF, FACD-CAB membership, and certifications. We are the officially certified training agent of NEW ZEALAND. We are working to maximize the number of partnered institutions for our students. We want to become the number one student consultancy firm with the highest student satisfaction in Bangladesh. We want to be a part of the journey of Higher education abroad for Bangladeshi students by providing the proper guidelines for the global market..

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Our Mission

The 21st century has introduced us to the new concept of Industrialization through Technological advancement, professional skills, and education. An English philosopher named Francis Bacon said that “Knowledge is power”; The power of knowledge comes with proper education and has become more common nowadays with the vision of studying abroad. The concept of higher education abroad influences Bangladeshi students to put their footprints of success in international phases. Higher education abroad can be stressful enough if a student is unaware of the process from profile evaluation to university admission and landing in the desired destination. We would like to break down the barrier of that stressful situation for Bangladeshi higher-study aspirants and help them to pursue their education at their dream institutions.

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Our Vision

TRUST & FAST CONSULTANCY is an institution that would like to introduce a new era in professional education, training, and consultancy by providing proper guidelines and support to higher education aspirants of Bangladeshi students. We assist our students by providing necessary information and counseling them through the process of higher education abroad. Our trained consultants are experts in providing global standard counseling sessions to our students having professionalism. We have above eight years of industry experience in student consulting services since 2014 and we are committed to serving our students in the upcoming years.