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The Great American Dream! If there was a country post-World wars, where aspirations met opportunities in all forms, it has to be the United States of America popularly known as the USA. Founded by immigrants from Western Europe in the 15th century, the country has witnessed an avalanche of immigration of people, culture, values, and ideas from all over the world in the last few centuries and made the country a boiling pot of innovation in science, technology, business, and education. America has offered the opportunity to everyone with a dream and willingness to struggle to achieve whatever they want: be it the case of India’s Indra Nooyi becoming the CEO of Pepsi Co. or Obama, the son of a Kenyan immigrant becoming the president of the most powerful country in the world. A federal republic constituting 50 states, USA today stands tall as a harbinger of democracy and a symbol of meritocracy in every sphere of life for world-class institutions providing learning opportunities to hundreds of thousands of international students. In terms of numbers, the USA is the undisputed top destination for students interested in studying abroad.

Life and Culture in the USA The US is not just an economically and technologically happening place; it is also one of the most vibrant societies of modern times. American culture is an amalgamation of cultures from across the globe. Though the initial influence in the evolution of American culture was overwhelmingly English, Scottish, and Irish, today culture has taken a unique liberal form centered on egalitarianism, liberty, and respect for individualism. One can find people from all religions, ethnicities, and speakers of different first languages in USA. Though English is the lingua franca in the entire country, Spanish is fast emerging as the second language, with official language status in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the state of New Mexico. Indian immigrants, in general, blend well with American society, given our prior knowledge of the English language and prior exposure to American culture through movies and television. In addition, major American cities have a considerable number of Indian and South Asian populations which enables Indian students to feel at home. It is not very difficult to find Indian groceries or restaurants in places such as New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, or Austin. However, students studying at rural campuses, say in Iowa or Nebraska, might have to explore a bit.

Popular Cities of USA for International Students

1) Boston.
2) New York.
3) San Francisco.
4) Chicago.
5) Los Angeles.
6) Washington DC.

How can we help ?

Studying abroad can be stressful. You need to prepare all the necessary documents to start your abroad education journey with your university application process. Only a valid application can get you the university offer letter to ensure a successful application submission. Various things should be taken care of while submitting your university application. A simple mistake by an inexperienced applicant can cause a rejection.

Our eight years of industry experience can ensure you an errorless application submission for getting an acceptance letter from your dream university. On the other hand, a university offer letter is just the first successful step of your journey to study abroad. Later, you have to prepare additional documents for your study permit application. We also counsel our students for the interviews and motivate them to ensure they are well-prepared for the journey.

Cost of Education in USA

1) Undergraduate Program: USD 15,000 – 30,000 USD per year.

2) Graduate Program: USD 15,000 – 30,000 USD per year.

3) MBA Program: USD 25,000 – 30,000 USD per year.

Required documents for USA University application

1) Scan copy of passport.
2) Scan copies of Academic certificates.
3) Scan copies of the Academic Marksheet.
4) Statement of purpose/ Motivation Letter(SOP).
5) Letter of Recommendation(LOR).
6) Updated Resume/CV.
7) A scanned copy of the IELTS certificate(if required).
8) Job experience letter(if required).
9) Extracurricular activity/ECA Certificate(If any).
10) Research/Publication Experience(If any).
11) Other supporting documents(If required).

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